Wimbledon smashes a winning return on social media.


Social media accounts revolving around sporting events, or anything to do with sport for that matter, is tricky business. Sport drives up a huge amount of debate and traffic online more than pretty much anything besides politics and a member of One Direction having a nap.   Every 12 months, Wimbledon outdoes itself across all […] Read More

What is Periscope?


With a whole host of new social media sites and add ons created on what seems to be a daily basis, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and news.   Periscope is the buzz app around social media at the moment and looks to have captured the imagination of users […] Read More

Donald Trump pushes campaign through social media.


It’s finally happened. Donald Trump is running as a Republican presidential candidate. Donald Trump wants to be the President of the United States of America. Donald. Trump.   This has been on the cards for years. But perhaps Mr Trump isn’t just a weird looking haircut with a love of guns and golf courses. The […] Read More

New Client: Urban Leisure Group


Here at DigitalBinx, we’re happy to announce Urban Leisure Group as our newest client!   With a variety of different bars in all shapes and sizes across London, Urban Leisure Group provides an experience unmatched anywhere else in the city. Whether you’re popping in for breakfast, dinner or after work drinks, the Urban Leisure Group bars […] Read More

President Obama and the great Twitter predicament.


So the president of the United States of America now has a personal Twitter account. A bold move that is perhaps a few years too late in what is such a fast moving and constantly evolving environment, but a bold move none-the-less.   Politicians and social media have never quite gone hand-in-hand. The idea that […] Read More

Twitter may be in trouble, but it’s not going away any time soon.


After the news a few weeks ago that Twitter isn’t expanding fast enough for the likes of those at Wall Street – aka, it’s not making enough money – many have begun planning out and predicting the social media heavyweight’s downfall.   Whilst stories of stock failings and low quarterly numbers can cause knee-jerk reactions, Twitter’s demise […] Read More

Classic Tumblr

Robert Davis, 8/5/15

As mentioned in previous editions, it seems to be the simplest of Tumblr pages that end up having the biggest impact, and this week’s entry is no different.   Ever wondered what Dr Dre or Tommy Lee Jones would look like if they were GINGER!? That’s right, celebrities, but ginger. It’s a newbie to the weird […] Read More

Mayweather/Pacquiao. Who won the online fight?

Robert Davis, 6/5/15

Last weekend saw what will prove to be one of the biggest and most lucrative boxing fights in history as Floyd Mayweather managed to beat Manny Pacquiao on points at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.   The bout itself lasted just under an hour, but it was in the time leading up to and after the […] Read More

Classic Tumblr

Robert Davis, 30/4/15

Tom Selleck. In a waterfall. With sandwiches.   There’s not really much more that needs to be said for this now sadly defunct Tumblr page ( But a simple google search will throw you back into the brilliant imagination emporium of Tom Selleck, in waterfalls, with sandwiches.   So here’s to We don’t know why […] Read More

Classic Tumblr

Robert Davis, 23/4/15

Tumblr is a staple of the Internet. From the strange to the hilarious, we at DigitalBinx want to remember those classic Tumblr pages that have long been forgotten and those that will be forever etched in online history.   Our first post is an instant classic. Ever wondered what Ross Kemp’s face would look like folded […] Read More