Museum of London

DigitalBinx advised the Museum of London and the University of Westminster on #citizencurators, a social media research project documenting Londoners’ experiences during the 2012 Olympics.


DigitalBinx devised a social media strategy to drive the project forward smoothly, recruit a keen and diverse group of volunteer #citizencurators and maintain engagement via Twitter over the Olympic fortnight. DigitalBinx lead an online PR campaign outreaching to London influencers to attract interest and volunteers, while promoting public dialogue. To support Museum of London project coordinators, DigitalBinx provided community management and Storify training to enable curation of crowdsourced content.


  • Over 7k tweets on the branded hashtag
  • National press coverage in the Guardian, PSFK and The Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture
  • The project visuals will be exhibited at the Photographer’s Gallery in Spring 2013
  • An artist illustration of the project will be displayed at the Museum of London
  • The University of Westminster have now implemented a course element using Storify



“The project was an outstanding success.” Peter Ride, University of Westminster     Back to Work