Nick That

Dining startup approached DigitalBinx to produce a high-impact VIP launch event for its newly developed platform aimed at food, restaurant, and digital press in London.


DigitalBinx organised every element of the NickThat #DigitalDining event including discovering and managing partnerships, designing and managing a branded Eventbrite, commissioning guest speakers, organising venue, catering, live performances, directing video and photo content, and running live, interactive social media competitions.


  • Partnerships with Great British Chefs, Street Kitchen and
  • 75 registered for the event, over 60 attendees on the night
  • 401 #DigitalDining tweets during the evening
  • 66 #DigitalDining Instagrams
  • Storify documenting social media during the event
  • #DigitalDining video


“DigitalBinx did an excellent job putting together the event and collated the social media footprint and reach of #DigitalDining. They successfully invited bloggers and speakers who are now valuable contacts to the business.” – Nick Wong,



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