Save the Children

Enough Food IF is a coalition of 200+ charities, including Save The Children, UNICEF, Action Aid, Comic Relief, ONE, OXFAM, that campaigned for an end to global hunger. In June 2013, Enough Food IF organised a number of online and offline events to influence decision-making at the G8 – led by kick-off event #BigIF London.


DigitalBinx  worked with Save the Children and the other charities to develop a high impact event-centric social media strategy, coordinated digital communications for all partner charities, sponsors and celebrities, and developed creative content to evangelise supporters. The #BigIF London in Hyde Park attracted 45,000 people, trended on Twitter all day in the UK, and resulted in over 17K hashtag mentions.


  • #BigIF London trended all day in the UK and London
  • 17k mentions of #BigIF hashtag on Twitter
  • 6k mentions of @EnoughFoodIF
  • 2K people tweeted #BigIF to @David_Cameron
  • 13k people mentioned the IF page on Facebook
  • IF Facebook page reached over 1 million people
  • 1.1k Instagrams tagged #BigIF
  • 38k visits to the IF website on day of #BigIF


“DigitalBinx was an invaluable asset in the peak moments of the IF campaign, helping us pull together all the different strands and ensure a truly engaging social media experience for our supporters. This lead to a sizable increase in IF engagement.” Mark Webber, Head of Digital Engagement, Save the Children UK




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