Donald Trump pushes campaign through social media.

It’s finally happened. Donald Trump is running as a Republican presidential candidate. Donald Trump wants to be the President of the United States of America. Donald. Trump.


This has been on the cards for years. But perhaps Mr Trump isn’t just a weird looking haircut with a love of guns and golf courses. The host of America’s version of ‘The Apprentice’ is pretty popular across social media these days and this was highlighted at his presidential announcement.


First off, he has 3.1 million followers on Twitter. That’s a pretty decent chunk of followers right there. Taking into consideration that not all of them will be fans (much like how Piers Morgan has 4.47 million followers but I’m yet to meet someone who actually likes him) some people are just there for the car crash.


But they’re there and they’re following, which amounts to a hugely influential presence on Twitter. The same can be said about his impact over on Facebook as well, where he’ll be able to gain a lot of the older users support.


In the US alone, there were 6.4million interactions regarding the launch of his campaign generated within 24 hours, the highest ‘by far’ among all 2016 GOP (Grand Old Party) candidates according to Trump’s campaign. In fact, including all the contenders, only democrat Hilary Clinton can beat that with a huge 10.1 million interactions after her speech the week before.


To put these numbers into comparison, fellow Republican candidate Jeb Bush, the son AND brother of two former presidents, received a measly 849,000 interactions after his campaign announcement. Pretty impressive numbers so far from the Trump camp.


But it’s not just his performance and willingness to promote on platforms that are already heavyweights in the social media world, he’s branching out into apps that many other candidates probably don’t even know exist.


Trump made his formal presidential announcement on Periscope, the new live streaming app that’s been building up buzz all year. This is the kind of strategy that can only create more and more media attention around Trump’s candidacy. For the real estate mogul, who is already getting his fair share of bad press already, this kind of modern thinking can only receive plaudits.


The race to become president is one of the most mediatised events across the world and Trump is already seemingly one very big step ahead of his republican rivals. The majority of social media users, especially on Twitter, tend to be left-leaning, but there’s a chance he can influence a fair amount of neutral voters with his already huge online presence.


Trump in the White House is a long way away and a very scary thought at the moment. If he keeps up this impressive online campaign initiative though, we might be seeing a lot more of that ridiculous hair.


I’ve seen enough episodes of House of Cards to know that power is everything. Social media has power and Trump knows its value.